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SERPwatch is a rank tracking and SEO software. This easy-to-use software helps webmasters to analyze the ranking of keywords, ups, and downs over time and thus helps to take a step when an important keyword is dropping from the SERP. In this post, we are going to discuss some of the exciting features of SERPwatch alongside its coupons, deals, Free trial, and a short review with pros & cons. So, keep reading, and you will definitely be able to decide whether this software really worths your pocket.

SERPwatch Rank Tracking Software Free Trial & Coupons

Use Cases of SERPwatch

  • For Agencies and MSMEs who want to track the SEO productivity of their various projects
  • For Tracking Rank without having to spend much time and resources
  • Accurate Rank Tracking for Selected Location, Device, and Keywords

Exciting Features of SERPwatch

Clean UI/UX

SERPwatch offers a clean UI where the text remains very easy to read and all the data visualization can be comprehended easily. The colors and wide boxes make everything very smooth and eye-soothing so that you can make decisions out of data.

Easy to Use

SERPwatch is very easy to use. All the features are very basic to understand for any beginner. You can start using SERPwatch from day one without a long learning curve. You can easily set up a new project, add keywords in your project, customize other frequency and local SEO settings, and get data immediately. There is also a community forum where you can raise your questions regarding SERPwatch and the experts will take care of your queries.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most awaited features of SERPwatch that is now available for all. With this keyword research tool, you can easily find the SEO keywords for your topics and optimize your content based on the keywords to rank higher on SERP.

Accurate Data

The resulted data is very accurate. You can easily make decisions based on the data presented to you. You have full control over the data and its update frequency.

Email Notifications

You can set all or your best keywords to have email notifications. So, if you enable the notifications, you will get email notifications about their ups and downs regularly. It is very convenient for those who don’t want to log in every time to see the rank changes overtime for their added keywords.

Team Collaboration

With SERPwatch, team collaboration is very easy. You can easily invite your team to the desired projects and then can ease your work by maintaining the project that you want. It is a very useful feature that is unfortunately not provided in most other software.


There are several integrations available in SERPwatch. All these integrations are helpful to ease out your workflow. You can easily connect with other services and make track of it under one platform.

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Zapier
  • Slack
  • Custom Integrations via API

SERPwatch Pricing

There are three pricing plans of SERPwatch viz. Starter, Growth, and Premium. The monthly plans of SERPwatch are described below. With annual plans, you get 5 months free.

Starter PlanGrowth PlanPremium Plan
$49 /monthly $99 /monthly $349 /monthly
7500 keyword checks 22500 keyword checks 75000 keyword checks
250 Daily keywords checked 750 Daily keywords checked 2500 Daily keywords checked
$19 Add-on pricing for Client Portal3 Client Portal10 Client Portal
Unlimited UsersUnlimited UsersUnlimited Users
Unlimited DomainsUnlimited Domains Unlimited Domains
Keyword Research n/aKeyword Research n/aKeyword Research Available

SERPwatch Review: Final Verdict

So, this was a short review of SERPwatch. A free trial of SERPwatch is available for you to test this rank tracking and keyword research tool.

15% Off on SERPwatch Premium Plan
$297.00 $349.00
$297.00 $349.00

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